I myself am a fan of the FlutterMac, SorinDash, Applejack/Caramel and the Pinkie Pie/Pokey Pierce shippings. But I'd like to know what your's are. Feel free to comment. Thanks!

Recently changed my head cannon (again...gee I do that alot)

I ship Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane .

Why you may ask, well one person pointed out that, quote: "Yes yes I know people like Soarin X Dash but she’s such a fangirl. Rainbow would probably be gawking at him more than having any romantic interest. However in Hurrican Fluttershy , Thunderlane continually calls out Thunderlane and you know what they say when a girl picks on a boy"-starisis9 on deviantart

Here's an example of some fan-art, so I'm not alone here.

and with that, my headcanon has been modifed. Any thoughts?

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