This is the OFFICIAL anthem of bronies everywhere.

Lyrics (To the tune of "Der Fuerher's Face")

CHORUS When der Princess says we is de master race We heil heil right in Trollestia's face Not to love der Princess is a great disgrace So we heil heil right in Trollestia's face

When Herr Luna says we own the world and space We heil heil right in Herr Luna's face When Herr Discord says we dominate this place We heil heil right in Herr Discord's face Are we not the supermen pony pure supermen Ja we is the supermen (super duper supermen) Is Equestria so good Would you leave it if you could Ja Equestria is good We would leave it if we could We bring the web to order Heil Discord's world new order Everyone of internet race Will love der bronies face When we bring to the world dis order



CHORUS (slows down like a dying tape cassette on the last line)

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