Anneliese Rose

aka Syah-Aitisha

  • I live in Um..
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Junior Architecture
  • I am Female
  • Anneliese Rose

    Flitting between dreams, she is everywhere at once. She lies in every bed she has ever slept in. In the first moments after waking, they all look the same.        She is hesitant. Who will she be when she rises? A happy foal who yet knows too little of the world? A stranger, feared by the village ponies? A clumsy leader, inexperienced and naive? A warrior, fighting alongside those she loves? A negotiator, pleading for peace? A defender, standing tall before the charging horde? A sister, realizing her mistakes too late? A betrayer, with no other choice? A mighty queen, ruling over a vast kingdom? A mother, to all and to everyone?She has played so many roles. She has been so many things to so many ponies. In her wavering dreams, she passes f…

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