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    These are just a bunch of fanon episodes. A lot of these are not mine. Some are. I will gives credit to people. These may be a mixture of genres. (Horror, Comedy, Romance, etc.). These are just IDEAS. They might get written into episodes. (IF anyone on the wiki want's to help make these into episodes.)

    Season Episodes Originally aired Network
    First aired Last aired
    1 26 TBA TBA Cartoon Network
    2 26 TBA TBA Cartoon Network
    3 24 TBA TBA Cartoon Network

    The new elements of Harmony called the elements of Destiny are...

    Pinkie Pie = Laughter = Blue

    Twilight = Magic = Purple

    Rainbow = Loyalty = Rainbow

    Applejack = Honesty = Orange

    Rarity = Generousity = White

    Fluttershy = Kindness = Pink

    Clover = Fortune = Green

    No. in


    No. in


    Title Written and stor…

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    This has info about Equestria Stories and the episodes list.

    Equestria Stories, is a fanon MLP series made by Alpha Ranger.

    This series is a comedy and will not have a major plotline.

    But it will have seasons.

    The series will air with it's first season on May 7, 2015.

    Season Episodes Originally aired Network
    First aired Last aired
    1 TBA May 7, 2015 TBA Comedy Central
    No. in
    series No. in
    season Title Written by Original air date Rating (out of 10) Directed By
    1 1 Moving to Pizza Hut Alpha Ranger May 7, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    2 2 Love Potion Alpha Ranger May 9, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    3 3 The Mystery Alpha Ranger    May 10, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    4 4 Peanut Butter Sandwich Alpha Ranger    May 11, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger

    Moving to Pizza Hut: Main 2 Characters: A…

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  • Alpha Ranger


    May 5, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    Hello, I am Alpha Ranger. People call me Alpha.

    I am (obvsiously) a brony. I will be making fan series. Mostly for comedy.

    A lot of them will just be random stories. But the random stories will create a series. The series is called Random Stories :D not really the actual name is, Equestria Stories.

    The series won't have a major story for the series. It will just be a bunch of comedy stories.

    My next blog will be all about Equestria Stories and it's episodes.

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