Hi Everypony,

Well, so far, the only Pony interested, needed to bow out, due to other commitments. So I've decided to post a sample of my writing, just to give everyone an idea of just how good, my story will be. The following is an early draft of a scene towards the middle of my story. See my previous post for full details.

To Twilight’s surprise, the normally bouncy Pinkie Pie actually had all four hooves on the ground, and actually seemed a little subdued. “Pinkie Pie, are you okay?” Twilight exclaimed. “Are you sick, I can have Spike make you some soup?” “No, no; I’m alright.” the party-loving pony laughed, sounding more like her usual self, “It’s just my Pinky Sense has been bothering me all morning, and I’ve never had these symptoms before.

As nonsensical as her sixth sense was, Twilight had seen it proven right, time and time again. So the purple unicorn was instantly concerned over her friend. “Tell me about it, Pinkie.” “Well, I’ve been feeling downright icky, all day, like somepony gave me a can of peanuts, but it’s got snakes in it, only these snakes were real ones,” She puffed her body up, “all hissss, hissss,” for a split second, Twilight swears she could actually see a forked tongue in Pinkie Pie’s mouth, “and they weren’t nice ones at all. They were big, scary, awful ones!” The party-loving pony promptly did a double take at herself, screamed and dove behind a chair.

Chuckling to herself, Twilight Sparkle trotted over to Pinkie Pie's hiding spot, “Is that it?” “No and that’s the strange part.” Pinky suddenly went cross-eyed and sneezed so hard she slammed against a bookcase, hard enough to knock everything on top of her. Pinkie’s head immediately burst out of the pile, “That part at least, I can understand!” she beams, “That means something super-extra-special-wonderful is gonna happen!”

Openly chuckling now, as she started levitating the pile of books off the party-loving pony. “Aw, not a doozy this time?” she teased, knowing how those make Pinkie vibrate like a jackhammer. Only for Pinkie Pie to launch herself out of the pile, snag Twilight and barricade them in the broom closet. “Ssshhh! Do you want them to hear us?” Pinkie scolded in a harsh whisper. “And I don’t need to make any more whipped cream!” “Okay, Pinkie, okay.” Twilight laughed as she swung the door back open, with her horn. “My lips are sealed.”

Achesha-Hooves (talk) 02:32, September 28, 2012 (UTC)

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