Hi Everypony,

Okay Abcron was kind enough to let me know my original post created totally the wrong impression. For that, I do apologise. IRL, my life has been a train wreck, and it's made me even more of a Fluttershy than usual. The story I needed help on, is not in the begining stages, the narrative is actually about 3/4th's complete, needing only a couple of hours to polish my notes and scene sketches into a complete narrative.

Opperating under the working title, "Skin Deep" it's a pretty serious story, with some light-hearted moments, revolving around the idea that you have to be true to yourself. It starts Mirage, an OC of mine, along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, with cameos by the mane six, Zecora, and Princess Celestia. About eight-to-ten pages, it's an indirect follow-up to an episode of the cartoon show, so I'm trying very hard to give it the feel of something that could believably happen, off-screen, though pehaps a touch more mature than the show's targeted age-bracket.

Primarily, the hold-up, concerns a ticklish bit in how Mirage is portrayed. I'm one of those authors who simply isn't happy unless I get the little details right. I've got two possiblities, invoving her being mistaken for either Cherrilee or Trixie and discovering which one would actually work, requires the kind of in-depth knowlege that only someone well placed in the fan-fiction community can provide. The absolute last thing I want to do, is put my heart and soul out there, only for my story to totally fail, because I've made some subtle, but obvious blunder, that completely destroys it's believability.

Achesha-Hooves (talk) 00:57, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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