I know I know. I'm extremely late to the party. I put off reading cupcakes because I just don't like reading fanfiction in general. Yet I've heard alot about it and I don't want to be "missing out" per say.

I can deal with a bloody gory tale of woe. (keyword: of woe) But I'm the kind of guy who triple-over analyzes a plot down to the bone and beyond. I just have to. So naturally I can't deal with something that doesn't make sense in the first place. Plus I don't like horror stories (they depress me.)

Not to mention the fact that I have already read the summary on this wiki of cupcakes (since I never read a fanfiction without reading at least some of the summary first) and additionally saw two relatively well animated flash video's of Cupcakes. So I already know what's going to happen. Is it still worth it in the slightest or should I just forget about it?


I read it: First I read version 2 with the spelling and grammer corrections, then I read the original just so I could get the Applebloom bonus. It was actually pretty good. I was giddy with anticipation in the begining and watching Rainbow Dash get chopped into little bits was only half the fun it seems. I almost regret spoiling it beforehand, but I would not have done it any other way. I got a few giggles here and there and by my standards that makes it worth it.

Pinkie Pie Laughing by speedingturtle

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