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  • I live in Lebanon
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Part-time Bum
  • I am Male (No, seriously)
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle

    February 16, 2013 by Abcron

    So I just watched Twilight becoming an alicorn with TheMAM, we both had a lot to say.

    TheMAM: Well, I can honestly say this has the... the... the...

    Abcron: And now every fan fic with a future setting has been ruined.

    TheMAM: the... the... the...

    Abcron: Dude, say some thing useful. Anyways, I am okay with this.

    TheMAM: Okay? Okay? *sigh* Ok let me get this straight. Twilight is forever destined to be a fairy motherbleeping Princess Alicorn by mastering the power of friendship. What kind of a motherbucking season 4 will we be witnessing of the rest of the mane 6 go on motherflowering adventures while Twilight is an overpowered entity?

    Abcron: Unless they keep that hairstyle. That's not permanent is it. Please tell me that hairstyle isn't permanenā€¦

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  • Abcron

    I might as well ask. For those of you who don't know, I'm Co-Founder of the deviantArt group #LebaneseBronies. It's an art group for bronies who live in Lebanon. It's more about trying to tie together a Lebanese brony community more than art. So if you're Lebanese and a brony, you might sign up just to mingle. There's a Facebook page too for people that prefer social networking sites for whatever reason.

    So anyways, if any of you Lebanese bronies are reading this, feel free to sign up. Otherwise, if you know any Lebanese bronies, do us a favor and let them know about us.

    • LebaneseBronies on deviantArt
    • LebaneseBronies on Facebook
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  • Abcron

    Since some of us like to party twice.
    While others are just too cool to celebrate the New Year on time.

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    Why I watch MLP:FiM

    December 30, 2012 by Abcron

    First traditional blog, yay! So why do I watch MLP:FiM? Click here for the tl;dr version

    After a modest amount of sitting around doing nothing, I decided to try and figure out what exactly compels me, and quite specifically me, to watch a show about candy colored abominations and friendship. It's not because I really cared to find an answer, I was just mildly bored and I figured that the mental exercise would be relatively interesting. I'm happy to say that it was. Or at least, to me it was. :P

    While I really like how cute the characters are, the beautiful animation techniques synched with their audio cues, or the ingenious writing. Seeing as how my first 36 episodes of came in the form of reading material, I knew it probably wasn't the animatiā€¦

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    Poll 2: Perfect Pony Accessory

    September 22, 2012 by Abcron

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