Hello, Bronies and Pagasisters out there in the MLP wikia world! Since I still wish Universal and Hasbro will someday be able to  team up as partnership to bring MLP characters to one of Universal parks in the future, I made this fanon wiki-style page that I hope you will be interested to look at on my blog. Enjoy and leave the comments of your thoughts.


My Little Pony Land is a family-friendly themed land located at Universal Studios Florida. It is based on Hasbro’s My Little Pony toyline franchise and a children’s animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Guest of all ages, can enter inside the replica world of Equestria, the town of Ponyville and the Everfree Forest, which contains rides and attractions that’re all inspired from the show.





My Little Pony: The Magical Journey

Dark ride

A dark ride invites guest to take a magical flight tour around Equestria, to Ponyville, to Canterlot Castle, and then join to help Twilight Sparkle and her friends to save Princess Celestia and Luna from the evil Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changeling minions.

Rainbow Dash’s Awesome Cloud Flight

Family rollercoaster

A junior sized family-friendly rollercoaster, hosted by Rainbow Dash, takes the riders on a flight in the sky through Cloudsdale.

Ponyville Schoolhouse

Kiddie playground

A children’s playground set around the Ponyville Schoolhouse

Cutie Mark Crusaders’ Treehouse

Interactive treehouse

An indoor interactive treehouse.

Fluttershy’s Animal Cabin

Petting zoo

A petting zoo with real animals like pigs, hedgehogs, ferrets, chickens, goats, llamas, and sheep.

Discord’s Labyrinth of Choas

Funhouse walkthrough maze

A funhouse-style walkthrough maze attractions

Pinkie Pie’s Cupcake Party

Teacup ride

A teacup attraction located at the Pinkie Pie’s Surgercube Corner intercative candy store

Rarity’s Boutique Model Carousel


A carousel ride located at the top of the Rarity’s Carousel Boutique store

The Wonderblots Flight Training

Aerial carousel

A Dumbo the Flying Elephant-style aerial carousel ride

DJ PON3’s Dance Party Night Mix

rave dance nights

A  rave dance nights hosted by Vinyl Scratch, aka DJ PON3.

Meet the Ponies


A meet-n-greet character attractions featuring My Little Pony cast


Stores and Restaurants




My Little Pony Store

Retail store

A shop which sells official My Little Pony merchandises.

Pinkie Pie’s Surgercube Corner

Interactive snack shop

An interactive snack and candy store based on a fictional cake shop, Surgercube Corner, from the series.

Rarity Carousel Boutique

Boutique store

A boutique store hosted by Rarity and aimed at young female guests.

Twilight’s Treehouse and Library

Book store

A book store hosted by Twilight Sparkle which sells My Little Pony-themed books

Canterlot Diner

Service restaurant

A themed service restaurant which serves various foods

Applejack’s Apple Stand

Snack stand

A food stand which serves apples and apple-flavored foods and beverages, including apple ciders.


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