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I am a big fan of my little pony. I want to write a fanfic. my Favorite characters are Trixie, Applejack, Bon-Bon, and Lyra. my favorite fan made ponys are Lauran Faust, Metal Rainbow Dash, Nyx, Dark Sparkle, and Slender Pony. Metal is awesome.

Mecha Rainbow Dash aka Metal Dash by frankleonhart

Names for Background ponies

First Pic: White Lightning

Second Pic: Air Current

Third Pic: Sunside Wave 

Fourth Pic: Grumpy

Fifth Pic: Money Maker

If you want to give a name to one of the ponies on this page. Leave a comment on my talk page

Names for Other Creatures

First Dragon Pic: 
150px-Teen dragon 3 ID S2E21

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