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About Me

There's not much to tell about me in this context to be honest. I'm just the vulpine conduit through which the saga of the Order-naries keeps coming to you.

External links of relevance:

My FiM Fiction page (Everything pony is here) page (Most of my pony fics, and anything else I might write)

My tumblr blog (Mostly reblogs to be honest, but occasional rants and opinions about stuff)

Ask the Order-naries tumblr (Questions always welcome, even anoynmous ones)

My Fan-works


The core of just about everything I do. Born from finally giving in to the urge to write a "cross-over" between a novel idea I'd been stewing over since the eight grade and something else, which turned out to be My Little Pony, I actually finished what would later become Order-naries: Z'Nai first and submitted it to Equestria Daily. Fortunately, what I had written ended up confusing the pre-readers because it called back to a lot of events that had never been chronicled. Determined to leave a mark on brony-dom, I re-worked the Original Characters, and then for the sake of clarity rolled back to their initial arrival in Equestria and the events of the first fic and sent that to EqD, and they took it. Encouraged by the success of completing a story and the positive feedback, I ended up scrapping the original novel idea in favor of writing the back-story for my OCs (which is still in the early stages...) while pressing forward with the pony fics as well. And then there's the tumblr ask-blog I launched for them recently that will likely end up going it's own direction soon.

Of Two Minds:

One of the concepts of my proto-Order-naries idea was that two of the primary characters shared a single body. I started Of Two Minds with the intention of exploring such a "two souls, one body" idea in more depth, to see if it could work as more than a simple gimmick. In the original idea, the plot would've been thickened by Twilight's unoccupied body being possessed by Nightmare Moon or some other dark force and threatening Twilight's friendship and status by acting "out of character" and evil. I scrapped that when I realized that dealing with the Multi-Mental Occupancy situation would cause enough trouble on its own. OTM was a spin-off of the Order-naries saga from the start, but I kept flip-flopping on having Ash or any of the others making an appearance.

Secret of the Pegasi:

The result of a light-hearted conversation about common fandom cliches. A brony by the screen-name of Silfir made a quip about Rainbow Dash pulling off a broken wing and fetching a replacement from somewhere and I latched on to the idea. Silfir attempted a more dramatic version of the replaceable wing/ancient conspiracy idea, but never got off the ground with it.


Miyajima and I got to talking about Myst one day and speculated on the possibility of crossing it with ponies. We took up the challenge, but Miya quickly bowed out of the intended collaboration, citing a lack of time to devote to the project. Undeterred, I pressed on, deciding that the best approach would be to just convert everything about Myst into a pony form and co-opting Star Swirl the Bearded as the link-writer rather than try to justify Twilight meeting Atrus in some way or another (of course that led to messing around with the flow of time, which is always a headache). I'm no longer the only person to have a fic out there that mixes ponies and the Myst universe, but I think I'm still the only one to successfully complete such a cross-over.

Hopefully I can repeat that success with Sohndar...

My Strange Ponies

I started noticing that I'd tend to have a strange dream involving ponies the night before an episode premier, and so I figured "hey, might as well make use of it," and started with the dream I'd just had: a pony with no skin who could copy the appearance of others by licking them. There was also a giant spider made of shadows involved and someone called "Dark Applejack." When I brought it all together, I ended up with Skin, one of several grotesque pony-like ghouls who patrol Tartarus and chase down inmates who manage to get past Cerberus. There's also a short about Big Macintosh being a robot, which has multiple endings, and one where were-pony Lyra and changeling Bon-Bon find a "vampire ghost" haunting their house and promptly walk off the set in disappointment at the stupidity of my sub-conscious.

However, Skin's become the star of the so-called anthology, and Queen Chrysalis has somehow found her way into a prominent role as well...

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