Ultimate Brony Survey 2012
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The Ultimate Brony Survey 2012 logo
Founder Blue Husky Studios
Date founded July 2012

The Ultimate Brony Survey 2012 is a survey conducted by Blue Husky Studios for the purpose of gathering data about the MLP fandom as it is in the second half of 2012.

This survey does not collect unsolicited personal data, as it is entirely anonymous and voluntary (there is only one required question in the whole survey)

Sections of the Survey

The survey consists of eight sections, each with its own distinct purpose:

  1. Pre-survey formalities
    • Gathers basic browser data (such as which browser the respondent is using and whether it's 64-bit), informs the respondent of the survey and how it works, and verifies that the taker is not a bot
  2. Basic questions
    • Up to 15 questions that get a basic idea about bronies, including their age (the only required question in the survey), where they live (on a world map), religious views, et cetera
  3. Personal Questions
    • Up to 5 questions that get an idea of what kind of person an average brony is, with broader questions that poll such things as the percentage of bronies who are gamers, what they think about things like conventions and cosplaying, how important they think such things as artwork are to the fandom, what their OC looks like, and how human they feel
  4. Brony-specific questions
    • The largest section, this is a set of up to 22 questions relating to being a brony or experiencing the MLP community. This section gathers data on how much bronies consider themselves part of the community, whether famous bronies took the survey, who the fandom's favorite pony is, which episode is best, how much a blu-ray box set or music album might cost, how involved bronies are in MLP, et cetera
  5. Socializing
    • 7 questions about how bronies socialize, including whether they go to meets and conventions, and what websites they frequent.
  6. Publicity
    • Up to 5 questions about the public, including how bronies think the public perceives them,
  7. Sexual questions
    • This section only appears if the respondent is 18 years or older and agrees that it is a comfortable subject. It contains up to 11 questions about such things as the respondent's sex by birth, preferred gender, orientation, attraction to MLPs, et cetera.
  8. Post-survey formalities
    • This section contains the outro and disclaimer, as well as four questions about the respondent's experience.

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