Twilight Sparkle: Ghost Savior

Writer(s) Blueheartpegasus
Date published February 16, 2013
Words 1,857
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Romance
Slice of Life
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Story link(s)
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Twilight Sparkle: Ghost Savior is a fanfiction written by Blueheartpegasus on where Twilight Sparkle gains powers that allows her to see ghosts.


Chapter 1: The Glasses

Twilight is in the Canterlot Archives with Rainbow Dash, who wakes her up by dropping some glasses. It is explained that they are there looking for some missing pages from a book and the other four friends had gone home to their families and jobs. Twilight goes back to searching and Rainbow Dash goes to get some coffee. While Dash is gone, Twilight hears a noise that is said to sound like 'somepony opening an energy drink or the world's most shaken soda'. Thinking it came from the aforementioned glasses, she flies up to where they were set on a cloud and puts them on. She sees a purple earth pony on the cloud and falls back in shock, hitting the floor hard and falling unconscious. Dash comes back and runs off to find help, and the earth pony (possibly Berry Punch ) goes to sit next to the abandoned cups of coffee. She says how she wishes she could drink the coffee, but soon hears the fizzing noise again and shouts at 'nothing' to stop it, revealing that her cutie mark is grapes and strawberries, like Berry Punch's.

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