TMT is a fanfiction by Diamondface.

Twas a Matter of Time
Writer(s) DF
Date published today
Status incomplete
Type/genre Action/Adventure
Featuring Time Turner


Derpy Hooves



Pinkie Pie

Based on Dr. Who/Return of Harmony Part 1 and 2
First off this is not lacky content it is my fan fic BUZZ OFF!


We start out at Sweet Apple acres where Derpy and Time Turner are eating Apple Muffins. Then Applejack walks up.

(Applejack): Enjoying your Super Sweet Apple Muffins?

(Derpy): Yes! Totally yes!

(Time Turner): Quite enjoyable.

(Derpy): That's it?! These are...master pieces.

(Applejack): Uh, okay. Enjoy.

Applejack leaves.

(Derpy): What's with her?

DF's Theme Song

Later Time Turner is taking a train to Canterlot.

(Derpy): Do ya gotta go?

(Time Turner): Yes. Celestia has personally asked me to come.

(Derpy): Who ear muffins with me?!

(Pinkie Pie): I will!

(Derpy): Yay! Bye, Turner.

(Time Turner): Good day, madame.

Time Turner's Train leaves. At Canterlot Time Turner is with Princess Celestia.

(Celestia): I bet your wondering why I called you here tonight, yes?

(Time Turner): Kinda.

(Princess Celestia): Princess Twilight and her friends are gong in Manehatten to stop a goat dragon. And I need you to help me with project.

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