Timey Wimey
Lumic4 lum and light lead of the forest by light262-d94130a
Writer/artist Light262, Bharb
Date published October 31, 2014
Pages 113 (as of 07 / 19 / 2018)
Featuring The Mane Six, along with other major characters

Timey Wimey is a 115-page fanmade comic series drawn by Light262 and written by Bharb. It aims to provide a show accurate art style, along with light humor, epic fights and strong emotional issues, all the while being as close as possible to the original spirit of the actual show.


The comic starts with Princess Twilight and Spike noticing weird changes in the weather. As she and her friends gather to investigate, they find out that the normal course of time has been completely altered: elements from the past and future are now mixed together and nothing makes sense anymore. At first, they suspect Discord, but things turn out to be more complicated than they expected. In fact, a mysterious character appears to be the source of all this chaos... who can it be?

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