The Wild Goose Chase

The story's cover art.

Writer(s) Theevina
Date published Oct 28 - Dec 24, 2011
Words ~15,000
Status Complete
Type/genre Adventure
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
Princess Celestia

The Wild Goose Chase is a fanfiction novelette written by Theevina. Its most prominent feature is the detailed interaction between Twilight Sparkle and Discord.


Princess Celestia summons Twilight to Canterlot Castle. Twilight is sent on a quest with Discord to find the princess's lost toy goose. As the two journey out of the boundaries of Equestria, Twilight is confused as to why the princess sent her to do this and why Discord was sent with her. She is frequently discouraged and loses her ability to do magic, although Discord seems to be friendly and happy. They take a boat when they reach the ocean and voyage to an island where they find a mysterious gem. Then they go to another continent and work their way though a forest and up a mountain. Twilight has been growing closer to Discord, and one night up on the mountain, they become great friends and Twilight's magical abilities are restored. Now as friends, they go to the ancient city of Neighburg inside a volcano. They find the castle where they face challenges to test them before collecting the goose. Twilight uses her magic to teleport back to Canterlot where she learns the truth. The princess didn't really care about the doll but wanted Twilight to leave so she could prepare a late birthday party for her. The only reason Discord was sent was so he could watch after her. And without knowing of the friendship they have developed, Celestia turns Discord back to stone. Later that night, Twilight uses the Chaos Crystal they found on the island to free Discord from stone. He leaves Equestria and Twilight misses him.


  • Chapters vary in length from around 800 to 1700 words.
  • There are many internet memes referenced in the story, especially in the middle chapters.
  • There are 13 main chapters in the story, not including an exclusive chapter made for
  • The cover art for the story is a cropped screenshot from The Return of Harmony Part 2

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