The Visitor
Sketch of Optimus Prime and the Mane six

The story's cover art on FIMFiction

Writer(s) Gojira007
Date published December 4, 2012
Words 3,035
Status Incomplete
Based on Darkest Hour
Story link(s)
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The Visitor is a Crossover between Transformers Prime and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The story focuses on Optimus Prime ending up in Equestria after the events of the Transformers Prime Season 2 episode Darkest Hour. It is written by Gojira007.

Chapter One: Arrival

The story begins during the final moments of the Transformers Prime episode Darkest Hour. Optimus Prime is just about to destroy the Space Bridge controls, just as the Decepticons destroy the base; he blacks out during the attack.

We cut to the Cutie Mark Crusaders having a very good day when they find Optimus, wounded and unconscious, in an open field. Eventually, they decide to get the Mane six, who arrive just as Optimus begins to wake up. Despite some confusion about their radical differences, Optimus introduces himself as do the Ponies. Rarity notices Optimus is injured and tells him that she and Twilight can help fix him up a little. Working together the two unicorns successfully close Optimus' wound. Twilight then offers to take Optimus to Ponyville to help all involved better figure out just what is going on, to which Optimus agrees, only to then learn that Pinkie Pie somehow already has a Welcoming Party ready for him, much to his confusion.

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