The Third Beginning is a compilation album organized by Camsy by members of mylittleremix. It's intention was to put together an album focusing in on the premiere of MLP season 3 and to show that musicians were still very much focused on the show.

Track listing

The Third Beginning
A3688182930 10
Compilation album
Released November 17, 2012
Length 37:00
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Dark Hearts Rise (feat. Quix)" Mush 5:03
2. "The Activation of the Crystal Heart" Admiral Yoshi 1:18
3. "Pink Under Cover Spy" FLAOFEI 3:32
4. "It Has Returned!" GhostXb 3:21
5. "Pinkie's Flugelhorn Funk" Aoshi 4:19
6. "Our Crystal Longing" Camsy 2:30
7. "Crystallus Fabula" A2Z 5:00
8. "Twilight's Ordeal" DXsmiley 4:31
9. "Failure Success Song (luukg2 remix)" luukg2 2:20
10. "Failure Success Song (Freewave remix)" JoinedTheHerd 6:26
Total length: 37:00

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