The Stuntmare
The Stuntmare (Japanese Poster) by Roger334
Japanese Cover
Writer/artist Roger334
Date published December 15, 2015
Pages 1
Featuring Fleur Dis Lee

The Stuntmare is a fanmade comic written and drawn by Roger334. The plot is centered around Fleur Dis Lee and her desire to buy a designer scarf by working as the stunt double of Princess Luna. The story is available in English and French.


The story started with Fleur Dis Lee watching the shopfront of a designer store in Canterlot. However, Fleur could not pay the price of the scarf she was looking at. The next day, she tried to get a job in order to save enough money for the scarf. All the jobs she could found did not fulfill her needs, until one night she found a job opportunity in the Film Industry. What happened next is not clear, but Fleur apparently decided to travel to Applewood.

Once she was in there, she got a meeting with a movie director (Zoom Oaksley, the author's personal OC). He explained her the job "the studio" was looking for, Stuntmares. A "Stuntmare", according to the author, are the female ponies that works as stunt doubles in films.

Since Fleur's design is similar to Luna in both height and shape, Fleur was hired to be Luna's stunt double for her newest action film. The first scene Fleur did was a "Car Jump" scene. Afterwards, in a western-like set, Fleur drank an orange juice Luna refused to drink. Finally, as the last major action scene of the movie, Fleur drove a jet ski while a freight boat sank behind her.

Fleur is seen in the end wearing the scarf she so desperately wanted. While returning home, a new "opportunity" appeared in front of her, a house for sale. Fleur winked at the audience and the story finished with her falling in the sky while wearing Princess Luna's clothing (Crown, necklace and Cutie Mark).


  • The movies "Bullit" (1968) and "Speed" (1994), inspired the "Car Jump" scene.
  • At the end of the French version, the movie theater was changed to a Gaumont-Pathé cinema.
  • In the wall with all the ads, a poster at the bottom right corner makes a direct reference to the author's first published fan fiction, "Good Heart" (2015).
  • The cargo ship that was sank during the "Waterworld" scene was based on the Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker responsable for one of the biggest oil spills.

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