The Non-Bronyverse
Bronywriter fanfic cover art commission by reporter derpy-d5haxt6

Writer(s) Bronywriter
Date published September 25, 2012
Words 115,000
Status Complete
Type/genre Human in Equestria
Featuring The Mane Six, TD Harrison Powell, The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Story link(s)
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The Non-Brony verse is a series of currently five stories regarding the adventures, or misadventures, whichever you prefer, of a human named TD Harrison Powell, who gets transported to Equestria when Celestia messes up a spell.


The first story starts out by showing TD on Earth and discribing his life and his feelings on the show. He doesn't care for it, but not to the point where he's going to be mean to Bronies. He goes to college at UNC in Greeley, Colorado. When crossing the street one day, he is hit by a car and transported to Equestria.

He doesn't really take kindly to being there. He is nervous around the Mane Six, and is very injured when he arrives. Celestia comes into his hopsital room and reveals that she is the one who opened the portal to his dimenstion. In retribution, TD punches her in the face.

TD is protected from the livid Mane Six, and he goes to stay at Rarity's house. For the rest of the series he gets involved in things like Cheerilee's class, the one thing he truly enjoys as he was an Elementary Education major back on Earth, working for a time at Sugarcube Corner, he quits because Pinkie Pie sets him on (fake) fire for breaking a Pinkie Promise, and going to the Grand Galloping Gala. It is at the Gala that Celestia tells him that, while she has been working on portals to send him home, she cannot as they are too unstable. A few chapters later, TD leaves Equestria to wander around the globe, hoping that somebody can send him home.

Other stories

There are four other stories in the Non-Bronyverse.

Wanderings of a Non-Brony The story of TD's travels around the lands outside of Equestria.

The Breaking of a Non-Brony An alternate story that splits off from the main one after Celestia tells TD that she can't send him home. He accidentally releases Discord in his agitated state, Discord feeds off of his internal chaos, and TD is possessed by Discord.

TD's Little Rarity A My Little Dashie type story in which TD does make it home, but he finds a box in his dorm room containing a filly Rarity. Despite the fact that he hates the situation, he takes care of her and protects her. Unlike the original story, a lot of people find out to the point where TD and Rarity both find themselves in the hands of the government.

Twilight Researches Humans A story from Twilight's perspective where she stalks TD to learn more about him a la Feeling Pinke Keen


The story is quite popular in Fimfiction, with almost 2000 followers, 1600 thumbs up, and over 3,000 comments. The sequels and spin-offs, while not quite as popular, are still fairly well received, the sequel in particular.

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