The Heroic Tale of Heroically Heroic Heroes
Dat evil cat by mysticalpha-d6j7pcj
Creator(s) ObabScribbler
Date added November 16, 2013
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Adventure

The Heroic Tale of Heroically Heroic Heroes is a 6-part Radio Play by ObabScribbler.


The Heroic Tale of Heroically Heroic Heroes is the comic fantasy story of two inept earth ponies and one disgruntled unicorn as they journey across Equestria in search of three magical wishes. Join Honey and Bucket in this, the first of six episodes in this full cast audio drama, as they set out on a quest that will lead them to cross paths with The Great and Powerful Trixie, as well as a host of other colorful characters who will make you laugh, cry and perform spit-take after spit-take. Onward, questers! For victory! For glory! For properly made tea in a proper friggin' cup!


Honey Buzz

Honey is a very intelligent Earth Pony. She done things in a very specific way. But her life was turned underside-down when she was dragged on this quest with Bucket.

Bucket Mopsworthy

Bucket is a very clumsy and clueless Earth Pony, and Honey's best friend. He always wanted to be a Royal guard, but got work as a janitor. But when he became part of a quest, he wanted to prove himself a hero.

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