The Friendship Album was a collaborative effort from some of the brony community's various musicians to help out Aurora is Greek brony. They were an active member of our community at the time and had been undergoing some financial difficulties. The album was priced at $10 but offered discounts if supporters could only offer less money.

Track listing

The Friendship Album
A1072285845 10
Compilation album
Released Octover 19, 2012
Length 64:02
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "One Of Us" Aviators and Lectro Dub 5:50
2. "Power Slipping (Feat. Haymaker)" Zahqo 4:06
3. "Suite E" General Mumble 4:57
4. "Don't Forget Me" Aviators 7:05
5. "Party Riot" Crash Distortion 3:22
6. "Amygdala" Lectro Dub 6:45
7. "Wings of the Pegasi (Feat. Aviators)" Matthew Mosier 3:20
8. "Applebloom's Story" DannyBrony 4:51
9. "Filii Noctis (Crash D. Remix)" 5COPY and Nameless Warning 4:16
10. "Alone in my Kingdom (Feat. MEMJ)" TeiThePony 4:03
11. "Friendship is Music" Sub.Sound 4:28
12. "Wishing You The Best" Neu KatalYst 3:29
13. "Showtime" Varia 5:11
14. "Party Devil" Varia 4:19
Total length: 64:02

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