"The Darkness of Love Chapter 1 Memories of Old" by The Grimm Reaper14:22

"The Darkness of Love Chapter 1 Memories of Old" by The Grimm Reaper


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'The Darkness of Love ' is an MLP fan-fiction featuring Spike as the Primary character and Twilight as the secondary. The story is told in third-person around Spike's life and is set three years in the future from the defeat of King Sombra.

The story was written by The Grimm Reaper on and was featured on the site along with its sequel.


Spike has been missing for three years. Why he disappeared is a mystery to everypony. What caused him to leave in the first place, and why is he suddenly back now? He's acting cold towards his old friends and won't reveal why. He's lost his love for Rarity and is treating everypony he comes across the same way Gilda did.

Opening theme for this story is: Constellations - Sound of the Aviators

Rated: Teen for language and potential sexual outcomes.

Warning: Self-harm is described in this story. If you are prone to self-harm or know someone who is and feel uncomfortable reading about the subject, then I don't recommend reading the story.


The sequel to the story is called 'The Spread of Darkness ', the second in a trilogy. Unlike the first story, The Spread of Darkness isn't solely based on the third-person perspective of Spike, but views other perspectives as well, such as the Princesses, Twilight and the Gryphon (Griffin) King. An OC is also introduced into the sequel known as the Angel of Death.

The third story in the Trilogy is based solely around the perspective of Spike's daughter, Dawn, who has to overcome anger-management issues fueled by bullying from her classmates.

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