The Dark Crown
The Dark Crown by Metal-Kitty
The Dark Crown cover
Writer/artist Metal-Kitty
Date published September 13, 2012

The Dark Crown (also known as MLP Project on deviantArt) is a dark fanmade comic by Metal-Kitty.

Plot summary

Princess Celestia asks Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help unriddle a mysterious threat. When a dark secret of Celestia's past starts to surface, she decides to keep the Mane 6 out of it. Then one night, a dark creature comes to Ponyville and attacks Twilight, who is left for dead. Her friends, later, decide to do everything in their power to avenge her. On their journey, they meet someone they didn't expect to see.



Starflare by Metal-Kitty


Star-Flare is introduced early as the comic's primary antagonist. He was once a respectful unicorn professor of magic, and former student of Princess Celestia, in the comic's storyline. He was introduced to Twilight Sparkle when she was a filly. One day, he had Twilight sit in a machine of his own design, made to release repressed magic and test it. Twilight's magic was so powerful, it caused an explosion in the lab. He saved her life, but at the cost of having half his face disfigured. He became traumatized when his wife, Locket, gave birth to a filly who have died. A few months later, he was caught performing cruel experiments which resulted in countless deaths and was banished from Equestria. He created what is called "The Dark Crown", which Celestia broke in two and sealed away the halves. Years later, he returns to Equestria as a monster, as he had mutated himself with dragon's blood and scales of other various serpents.

Starflare ref by metal kitty-d7kalea



An ex-guardpony and a traitor to the throne. Buckshot tried stage a coup against Celestia a year before Princess Luna's return. But the Royal guard found his base of operations in Cloudsdale, where Shining Armor neutralized him.

Red Harvest

He was once known as "Harvest Moon". As a colt, he witnessed Princess Luna's banishment, and the event just stuck with him. As a stallion, he was an apprentice to Star Swirl the Bearded. He grew an army to end the princess's reign, and carved a bloody swath. Through his insanity and being corrupted through power, "Hora Umbrae" ("Hour of Shadow") was born. But many would call it "The Dark Crown". It was an attempt to recreate the Element of Magic, but with the lives of other ponies. Through the elements are still powerful, they will not destroy the crown as long as they are not active. After Harvest's army was defeated and exiled by Celestia, he was able to escape and stay alive by possessing the bodies of other unicorns.

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