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The Conversion Bureau is the collective term for the many works of fanfiction based on Blaze's "The Conversion Bureau". Most of the stories written in this subfandom are based on the same premise as the original work, but only some are set in the same universe.


At some unspecified point in the future, an island appears in the middle of one of Earth's oceans. This island is protected by a magical barrier that no human can pass through, and is home to a race of multicoloured ponies – the island is Equestria, and its inhabitants are the ponies from the show.

Shortly after the island's appearance, its pony inhabitants make contact with mankind and start up a chain of "Conversion Bureaus" – places where humans unsatisfied with their lives can go to have themselves transformed into ponies.

The original story and many of the spinoffs follow the story of a human protagonist's "ponification" and relocation to Equestria. The Mane Six and other ponies from the show often appear as the staff of Conversion Bureaus and are primary characters in some of the stories.


Blaze authored the first story, but never completed it. When questioned about this in an interview with the Pony Fiction Vault, he confirmed that he would be leaving the story unfinished.[1]

Pride wrote the first spin-off story, "Conversion Bureau: Pride ".

Chatoyance is a prolific Conversion Bureau author, having written multiple novels and short stories in her personal version of the universe.

To date, two Conversion Bureau sidestories have received their own posts on Equestria Daily: Anonsi's "Yellowstone " and Windchaser's "Last Man Standing ".

TV Tropes has a page for Starman Ghost's "The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone", a story that aims to be a more realistic take and a deconstruction of the Conversion Bureau universe as a whole.


The original Conversion Bureau story is widely regarded to be badly written and full of unfortunate implications. Many of the sidestories were written in an attempt to "fix" it and present a more balanced viewpoint or just to create better-written stories based on what is seen as an intriguing concept.

While the subcommunity has one of the largest groups on FIMFiction and is constantly attracting new authors, it also has a number of vocal detractors who criticise the stories for being misanthropic and portraying the ponies as sweet, flawless angels and Equestria as too idealised a society.

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