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Tarby's OC
Other names TarbyRocks
George DesRoches
Bacon Mane
The Brony Jesus
Active since June 2011
Known as Musician
Tarby is a brony musician from United States, known for making music in variety of genres, with primary genres being progressive and industrial rock/metal. His tracks can get rather lengthy.

Something Broke

Something Broke
Creator(s) Tarby
Published October 2011
Duration 20:53
Subtitled The Continuing Tale Of Pinkie Pie & Ponycide, it is both one of the best known Tarby's songs, and one of the longest. This 21-minute suite, or concept EP, is said to be intended as the first part of a large concept album. Lyrically the song is a prequel to the infamous Cupcakes, and incorporates the events from Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Party of One, presenting a version that Pinkie's descent into insanity was caused by ber seeing the Sonic Rainboom, triggering a slow, PTSD driven descent into madness and insanity. It is one of the few derivative works of Cupcakes that was featured on Equestria Daily.

Selection of other songs

2011-08-29 Ballad of Autumn Dreams 5:24 Acoustic Ballad Tarby's first notable musical contribution to the community; won the 7th Pony Music compo
2011-09-10 The Wings You Earned 7:48 Rock Ballad Reinterpretation of Scootaloo's Wings by Jackle App
2011-09-23 Kaos Rizing 5:54 Blues
2011-12-19 Glaze's Nightmare Nite 3:35 Swing Cover of Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster
2012-02-19 (demo), 2012-06-04 (final) Rejected 8:20 Industrial Metal Balloon Party entry
2012-03-17 Born Cross Eyed 11:37 Progressive RockAlternative version released on E.S.C.A.P.E
2013-04-12 What You Hoped To Find 7:11 Drum And Bass/Metal Title track and opening track of the What You Hoped To Find EP, released 
2013-06-08 Don't Say You Want Me 6:07 Alternative RockCollaboration with Feather

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