Tales of a Republic and Empire is a series of short stories by IwuvWoona involving what would happen if Celestia and Luna split sides.


It has a war theme. Sides splitting is a heavy cause of pain for many. This is shown when Pinkie is depressed about Twilight and Rarity. It is also shown when Twilight feels she made a bad decision.


After loosing Sparkler and Dinky getting hurt in an encounter with a Timberwolf, Derpy must get to the Republic's hospital. Many things about what happened are explained in this tale. Such as that both sides are shrouded in either night or day.

When Derpy brings Dinky to the throne room of the Republic, she is greeted by Dr. Whooves, then Carrot Top (a nurse in the republic) takes Dinky to the hospital.

Impressed with Derpy generously giving her daughter a chance of survival, Luna makes the decision to make her the Republic's new generosity and a general.

A 'Bubbles' reference appears at the end in which Derpy thinks that her mother would regret leaving her if she knew what she'd become.

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