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Known as Musician
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TF2Brony is a 15-year-old electronic pony musician who has been active since June 2013. He started with making 8-bit versions of several MLP songs, all of which can be found on his Tumblr page. Occasionally he works on some vector art found on his deviantART gallery, as well as the album art for each of his songs. During this time, he has participated in several Toastbeard Weekly Compos in the past. After a year of posting to Tumblr, in June 2014, he has stopped posting music to Tumblr and has since then been posting music every Friday on his YouTube Channel. On very rare occasions he has recorded his own voice for his music.

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2013-07-12 Helping Twilight Win The Crown 8-Bit 3:17 Chiptune
2014-01-17 Fortress Of Talicon 2:47 Chiptune
2014-03-23 Pegasus Device (TF2Brony Remix) 5:49 Electronic
2014-06-20 Life Is A Party 5:28 Classical/Electronic First Song With Vocals

Fortress Of Talicon

Fortress Of Talicon
Creator(s) TF2Brony
Type/genre Chiptune
Based on Daring Don't
Fortress Of Talicon is a chiptune made in response to a Toastbeard Compo, the theme being an episode response to the season four episode Daring Don't. The description of the song states that it is based on the Fortress itself, which was featured in the episode. While being an 8-Bit electronic-sounding song, it has a jungle/temple-like theme to it.

Life Is A Party

Life Is A Party
Creator(s) TF2Brony
Type/genre Classical/electronic
Based on Cupcakes

Life Is A Party is an original song based off of the fan fiction Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles. The song itself contains a soft, dark-sounding instrumental with a piano and string ensemble as well as lyrics both written and sung by TF2Brony himself. The lyrics contain several references to the fanfic. These are as follows:

  • Rainbow Dash's wings and cutie marks are both taken
  • Pinkie Pie has a dress made of cutie marks
  • Pinkie Pie wants to leave Rainbow Dash alive for as long as possible
  • Rainbow Dash becomes electrocuted by Pinkie Pie
  • Pinkie Pie takes "what she needs" from Rainbow Dash

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