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Surprise by AtomicGreymon
Created by Lauren Faust
Species/kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Eyes Pale blue violet
Mane Light brilliant yellow
Coat Cyanish white
Cutie mark
Cutie Mark - Surprise (G1) by Greywander87
In Lauren Faust's original pitch for Friendship is Magic, she envisioned Pinkie Pie as a Pegasus with a penchant for flying upside down and surprising other ponies by sneaking up on them. Faust based Pinkie's personality and design on her own interpretation of a white G1 Pegasus pony named Surprise, but Hasbro had lost all copyrights for her. Surprise primarily shows up in fan-art, comics, and an Ask Pony blog, but she has also made appearances in fan-fictions like Surprise, Surprise, Flying Sky high  and animations such as Snowdrop and Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla.


Surprise is generally portrayed as Pinkie Pie with wings: cheery, boundless in energy, a lover of parties, and usually with a similar but purple balloon cutie mark.

The Ask blog Surprise is a member of the Wonderbolts and frequently restyles her mane at the request of readers. She also fields a wide range of random questions without batting an eyelid, although she does deadpan from time to time.

In Dash Academy, Surprise is a student at the academy that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy attend. She is a member of the Junior Speedsters Hoofball team, as is Rainbow Dash. Her personality is very much like a Pinkie Pie with wings, as specified above.


In the background of some episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, such as in The Ticket Master, there is a white Pegasus with yellow hair in a Wonderbolts costume. Many fans have dubbed this Wonderbolt "Surprise".


Fans of the G4 series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic have dubbed her last name to be "Muthabucka"[citation needed] in relation to the meme "Surprise Muthafucka" with bucka being a pun as bronies often replace the f-word with buck.


Surprise by CptScoot

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