Surprise by AtomicGreymon
Created by Lauren Faust
Species/kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Eyes Pale blue violet
Mane Light brilliant yellow
Coat Cyanish white
Cutie mark
Cutie Mark - Surprise (G1) by Greywander87
In Lauren Faust's original pitch for Friendship is Magic, she envisioned Pinkie Pie as a Pegasus with a penchant for flying upside down and surprising other ponies by sneaking up on them. Faust based Pinkie's personality and design on her own interpretation of a white G1 Pegasus pony named Surprise, but Hasbro had lost the trademark for her name. Surprise primarily shows up in fan-art, comics, and an Ask Pony blog, but she has also made appearances in fan-fictions like Surprise, Surprise, Flying Sky high  and animations such as Snowdrop and Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla.


Surprise is generally portrayed as Pinkie Pie with wings: cheery, boundless in energy, a lover of parties, and usually with a similar but purple balloon cutie mark.

The Ask blog Surprise is a member of the Wonderbolts and frequently restyles her mane at the request of readers. She also fields a wide range of random questions without batting an eyelid, although she does deadpan from time to time.

In Dash Academy, Surprise is a student at the academy that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy attend. She is a member of the Junior Speedsters Hoofball team, as is Rainbow Dash. Her personality is very much like a Pinkie Pie with wings, as specified above.


In the background of some episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, such as in The Ticket Master, there is a white Pegasus with yellow hair in a Wonderbolts uniform. Many fans have dubbed this Wonderbolt "Surprise".


Fans of the G4 series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic have dubbed her last name to be "Muthabucka"[1] in relation to the "Surprise Muthaf---a" meme, with 'buck' being a commonly used replacement for the f-word in the fandom.

Depiction in fanwork

In the fanfic Pinkie Personalities,[2] Pinkie is revealed to have three separate personalities: her original self, Surprise, and Pinkamena, as a result of events in her childhood. Surprise was "born" from the conflict between boring monotony of life on the rock farm and Pinkie's sudden, overwhelming happiness when she saw the Sonic Rainboom and the events that followed. Inside their shared mind, she appears as a white pegasus with a blonde mane in Pinkie's standard poofy style, and is even more excitable and playful than Pinkie. Some time after Surprise's "birth", it was discovered that Pinkie's brain is physically wired somewhat differently than most ponies' brains. Pinkamena (the calmer, more serious personality, who was "born" later to shield Pinkie and Surprise from the pain and suffering they were being put through by an unscrupulous psychiatrist) states that she suspects this condition has given all three of them access to a full range of emotions rather than just one or two, and is why she and Surprise are more balanced than most split personalities.


Surprise by CptScoot

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