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Super Lesbian Horse RPG

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Super Lesbian Horse RPG
Super Lesbian Horse RPG
Creator(s) Bobby Schroeder (Ponett)
Programming ponett
Date published 12-25-2013
Type of game JRPG
Platform/engine PC
Related to My Little Pony

Super Lesbian Horse RPG (Preemptive game of the year edition) is a game that was released by Ponett (Bobby Schroeder), and has been cited by Equestria gaming[1] as the strangest RPG released yet.


The game is summed up by ponett as

" so anyway... what is super lesbian horse rpg, you may be asking? well, it’s my very first video game! and a very personal one at that. more specifically, it’s a romantic horse comedy indie JRPG full of adventures and dialogue and cute stuff and very, very weird stuff. basically, fluttershy and rainbow dash want to do something fun on their day off, but their friends have other plans"
— Ponett, game creator


The project was released six months later than what was expected on Christmas Day.[2] The game was created by Ponett, a tumblr user.[3] A download link can be found on their tumblr.


The game features overworld traveling in the style that is reminscent of the Earthbound style, and maintains this way of playing in combat. The first trailer of the game[4] presents a basic rundown of the game's playing. Many enemies featured are characters that are well known (or comicial imitations of) characters from other fandoms.



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