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Mississippi, USA


Pop Punk/Rock

Post Hardcore






Innocent Monsters EP

Welcome to the Hiatus EP

StealingShad3Z is a new addition to the fandom's music scene mixing in a blend of acoustic ballad and pop punk/rock; along with works in post hardcore and electronic. Shad3Z started recording pony music in July 2015. He began his rise in the fandom with his single Am I So Different, which earned his first spot in Equestria Daily's Spotlight Music and earned him notoriety in the the Brony community in December 2015 with his emotional vocals and songwriting.[citation needed]

Along with his solo material, Shad3Z is known to collaborate with fellow musician SlightlyAmiss under the project name Dashtortion. The two have recently released a Snowdrop-themed single titled "Snowflakes" with both Amiss and Shad3Z playing the the music and Shad3Z providing vocals. The single has received much positive feedback from the fandom, including a spot on the Equestrian Trot 100.

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