Spiders and magic 1st cover image by jamal2504-d6v9m1m

First cover featuring Spider-Mane, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna and Discord

A crossover story between MLP and Spider-Man written by Maximus Reborn, this story has Twilight Sparkle summoning Peter Parker from the Marvel Universe into Equestia. 


Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane

The first installment of the series.

"Dark days lie ahead for the center of the Web!"

Madame Web is observing the Web of Life, coming across a cryptic vision of Spider-Man being defeated by the Sinister Six. As the Web rearranges Peter's connection, Web creates a book and sends it off to a land far away.

The story begins with a dragon attacking Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and Spike take notice of it, but due to strange magical interference in the area, Twilight is helpless to stop it directly. She however notices a strange book that appears in her Treebrary. She and Spike read it and see that it tells of "the greatest hero in history", and a summoning spell to bring him there to save them. Twilight decides to go through with summoning this "hero" and preforms the spell.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Spider-Man is web-swinging through New York, reminiscing on his failures and losing faith in himself. All of a sudden, he finds himself teleported into a room. He notices Twilight and Spike, and is confused at first. After a small back and forth, Twilight explains their current predicament, and states that she summoned Spider-Man because she believed he could help. Spider-Man is unsure at first, denying that he is the "greatest hero in history", and states that other heroes could've sufficed better, but Twilight pleads for his help, to which he agrees to help and swings off. Twilight and Spike contemplate Spider-Man's "heroism", and hope that Princess Celestia won't be angry at the current situation.

Spider-Man swings through the town, saving ponies from burning buildings, including Rarity, Dinky and Fluttershy, the dragon

Main Cast

Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Spider-Mane

Twilight Sparkle

Princess Luna

Trixie Lulamoon


Supporting Cast

MLP Characters



Rainbow Dash


Princess Celestia

Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle


Babs Seed


Marvel Characters

Cassandra Webb/Madame Web

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Stephan Strange/Doctor Strange

Logan Howlett/Wolverine

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Thor Odinson

Director Nick Fury

Mentioned Characters

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

James "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier


This story has become very popular and spawn a series of fanart both normal and adult themed.

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