Spicy Demon (The Person)

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Spicy Demon (Jennifer Carnivele) is a fanartist and producer of the audio play, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Supernatural". Her OC of the same name is a Demon Pony.


Spicy Demon runs the web site: Spicy Demon's MLP Realm which launched on May 4th, 2017

Spicy Demon (The Character)

Species Demon

Hometown Tartarus


Spicy began life in Hades, born to be a obedient servant. Even as a young Demon Spicy was very rebellious and did not like to take orders. When she reached adulthood, it was no surprise to anyone when she was banished to Tartarus for her defying ways. It was there, she began to devise an escape. It took some time and doing, but once she was powerful enough, she was able to leave her dark, unforgiving prison and make her new home on the surface world. She now resides in the Everfree Forest, plotting chaos and exchanging favors for souls.

Detailed Description Being a Demon Pony, Spicy has cat like eyes, becoming of any monster, bat shaped wings, hard hooves, pointed ears and fangs. Her appearance often gets her confused with those of the Bat Pony race, which can very much get on her nerves.

Detailed Personality Spicy is a free spirit. She has no concern with the future, consequences or authority weather it be the Ponyville PD or the devil himself. And why not? She lives for fun and chaos as any rouge demon would. This leaves some room for possible reformity but don't hold your breath. She's also known for being quite flirtatious and manipulative.

Notable Talent / Skills Spicy's skills lie in the usual demonic practices. Fire bending, black magic and creating havoc.

Known Spells She knows a great deal of spells, everything from shape shifting to time travel. The more time she spends topside, the greater her knowledge grows. Every so often, she can be caught trying to steal books and scrolls to complete her Grimoire.

Common Locations your Character will be. She can pop up anywhere she feels she could do damage, so be wary.

Likes Fire, Chaos, Torture, Making deals, Your Soul, Chili peppers (on literally everything!) Derpy (She can't explain why, but Derpy is the one Pony she has a soft spot for.)

Dislikes Being called a "Bat Pony"

Long term goal(s) No long term goals, she lives in the moment.

Education From birth, all young demons are trained in the art of chaos, mass destruction, black magic, taking orders and sacrificing themselves for their king if called to do so. There's not much else they need to learn. Spicy wanted to be an individual and refused to follow such an existence. In allowing herself to spread her demon wings (much to the dismay of her king.) she took her self education to greater heights.

Spicy demon commission by thegypsybeaner-d5s797n

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