Fluttershy SFM

A 3D Fluttershy model used in SFM

Source Filmmaker, abbreviated as SFM, is a video animation and posing tool that utilizes the Source game engine system to create 3D motion shorts. It was originally made by Valve Corporation to make several animated trailers for Source games like Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2, but was released on Steam in 2012 for free use.

While most of the videos made from SFM feature elements from Team Fortress 2, numerous pony videos has been made with the engine as well, enough to make it it's own video category on Equestria Daily. This is done using 3D models of ponies and other FiM elements uploaded to the system. SFM currently includes models of almost every pony from the show, including non-pony characters like Discord and Gilda, fan-made characters such as Nyx, Snowdrop and Littlepip from Fallout: Equestria and maps of Ponyville and Canterlot.

Due to Team Fortress being the main core of the engine, the characters and elements from the game often carries over into pony videos. It's also one of the main arenas for Team Fortress and My Little Pony crossovers, and even include pony models dressed as the classes of TF2.

The website serves as a general hub for models and other pony elements for the engine.

Nightmare Night [SFM]

Nightmare Night [SFM]

Nightmare Night
Creator(s) Ferexes
Date added 28th of October 2013
Duration 3:16
Status Complete
Voices WoodenToaster, MictheMicrophone
Type/genre SFM
Based on Nightmare Night - WoodenToaster

Nightmare Night [SFM] is a video made by Ferexes using Source Filmmaker. It is a music video featuring the track Nightmare Night made by WoodenToaster and MictheMicrophone. As of April 2014, the video has reached over two millions views, making it one of the most seen pony SFMs on YouTube.

The video stars several characters from both My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2. The track is sung by the TF2 Scout, who voices MictheMicrophone's lines, and a model of WoodenToaster's own OC signing his own lines. A TF2 Medic plays the piano in addition to boosting the Scout with his medigun, and Vinyl Scratch adds the bass with a pair of heavy stereos and a mixing table.

The Mane Six and several other characters are present when the Scout and Toaster starts the song at a Canterlot Nightmare Night Party. Nightmare Moon herself also appears, and the Mane Six are chased around by the fallen moon princess while the Scout constantly taunts them.

Flutterwonder [SFM]

Flutterwonder [SFM]
Creator(s) Ferexes
Date added 14th of July 2013
Duration 3:04
Status Complete
Type/genre SFM, PMV
Based on Flutterwonder - PinkiePieSwear
Show connection Fluttershy voice remix

Flutterwonder [SFM] is an SFM animation based on the Flutterwonder remix made by PinkiePieSwear. It features Fluttershy, observing birds and exploring a waterfall in the forest.

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