Sori 52 is an album project organized by And the Rainfall, Freewave, and Markelius. It was secretly organized as a tribute to SoGreatandPowerful and featured both remixes of his music and tracks that were simply influenced by his style or production techniques. It was the first tribute album created to a brony musician and was released free on blogspot on January 4, 2013.

Sori 52
Sori52 album cover
Compilation album
Released January 4, 2013 (2013-01-04)
Website Blogspot
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "{√All Things}" Decibelle 2:51
2. "Over the Reals" And the Rainfall 5:16
3. "E55" TripleBlueshell 3:51
4. "Without Definition" ProfoundTwi 3:07
5. "Music With Different Parts" Kreühn Pöny 8:36
6. "PPSREMIX" Facexplodie 4:43
7. "E33 (Coolness, Awesomeness, Radicalness)" Evdog 5:12
8. "The Standard Model (Could Be Magic Mix)" Freewave Adores SoGreatandPowerful 7:56
9. "The Raindrop Model" mycutiemarkisagun, Rhyme Flow 1:16
10. "On My Own (AbranteDr Remix)" SoGreatandPowerful, AbranteDr 4:12
11. "E30 (Love and Admiration)" Le Soldat Pony 3:30
12. "Evil Enchantress 3:20" F3nning 3:20
13. "Solacium" Markelius 4:42
Total length: 55:92

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