Sombra: A History series
Writer(s) Ian Ballinger (marshan3q on deviantART)
Status Complete
Type/genre Fantasy
Featuring Sombra, Luna, Celestia
Story link(s)
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Sombra: A History is a series of four short stories about the Unicorn Sombra's rise to power and fall. It was written by Ian Ballinger through his deviantArt page, marshan3q.


The series is separated in four parts. It starts out with Sombra as a young colt, being disowned by his classmates in the Crystal Empire for being "different". Sombra runs away, only to discover that his mother had died. In his rage, darkness enters Sombra's heart, and he becomes filled with evil. Sombra goes into hiding in a crystal mine, plotting his revenge on the Crystal Ponies. Many years later, Sombra returns to the Crystal Empire, and overthrows the Crystal King and Queen. He uses dark magic to cause darkness to enter the Crystal Soldiers' hearts, which in turn cause them to become loyal to him. The rest of the story details Sombra's reign as king of the Crystal Empire and features Princess Luna and Princess Celestia attempting to take back the Crystal Empire. 


SOMBRA: A History was inspired by The Crystal Empire, which was the Season 3 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.[citation needed] It is Ballinger's interpretation on how and why Sombra became evil. Towards the end, it also hints at why and how Luna became Nightmare Moon.

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