Soft Spectrum is a compilation album of 'chill out' music organized by producer Senntenial. The sixteen tracks on the album were judged by Senntenial, Kyoga, Neonstorm and Aussie to be the best out of a pool of roughly 30 entries.

Track listing

Soft Spectrum
Soft Spectrum
Compilation album
Released November 11, 2012
Length 84:43
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "In the Ice Mirror, Remember?" sci 3:13
2. "Foothold" AdamTh3Walker 5:34
3. "Only Time Will Tell" Nosnibormada 7:59
4. "Daybreak" Cherax Destructor & Rhyme Flow 4:48
5. "Smile in Your Sleep" Magnitude Zero 5:17
6. "Flowing Waters" Ducks Unlimited 7:27
7. "Look to la Luna" mycutiemarkisagun & Resonant Waves 4:19
8. "Lighting the Sun" Colortwelve 3:25
9. "Polyhedral Winds" Neonstorm 7:30
10. "Intraventure" Navron 5:48
11. "Unrestful Dreams" 4thImpulse 5:00
12. "Crystal Palace" Resonant Waves & Xaratos 2:21
13. "At Twilight's Break" Seventh Element & BluNoseReindeer 5:21
14. "Luna" Dijital 1:28
15. "Sennsor" Senntenial 3:29
16. "Caves" Kyoga 14:24
Total length: 84:43

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