Snowdrop ~ The blind filly (with cutie mark) by 2bitmarksman
Created by Silly Filly Studios
First appearance Snowdrop
Species/kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Residence Cloudsdale
Eyes ¤ Gradient of Pale, light grayish cerulean to Pale, light grayish arctic blue
Mane ¤ Ceruleanish white with Very light cerulean stripes
Coat Light arctic bluish gray
Relatives Primrose (mother)
Cutie mark
None (at first)

Snowdrop's Cutie Mark by LittleBlindFilly
Voice Meredith Sims (Snowdrop)
Jenny Nicholson (Seed No Evil)
Snowdrop is a light blue pegasus filly who appears as the main character in the eponymous animation, Snowdrop by Silly Filly Studios in which she is depicted as blind. Because of the popularity of the animated video, the character has appeared in numerous fanworks.


Snowdrop is blind. However, her great sense of hearing makes up for this. At school, she was often bullied because of her disability. She views both winter and the night as underappreciated. She created snowflakes by molding snow into what she considered to be stars. She lived prior to Princess Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon.


Snowdrop is very timid and sensitive possibly because of her lack of friends. Later, she begins to stand up for herself more which helps to win her the confidence of the Princesses. Despite this change, she still maintains a quiet demeanor.


Snowdrop is usually depicted as being really great friends with Princess Luna due to their shared appreciation for the night at a time when the night was ignored or despised by most.[1] Numerous fanworks depict Luna grieving after Snowdrop's death.[2]

Some fan fics see time travel being used and Snowdrop forming a bond with Nyx, partially because of Nyx's common history with Luna.[3][4]


Snowdrop by WhitePhox

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