The Smile! Album was a Christmas charity fundraiser initally proposed by Senator Myth. It was designed for brony musicians to give music made during the Christmas season music to generate money for a charitable cause. For this album they elected to donate money to the Children's Cancer Association through the Bronies for Good site. This was the first of several charitable albums which became the Seeds of Kindness albums. The Smile! album is often seen as a prequel to that series (or as a continuation).

Track listing

Smile album BFG
Compilation album
Released December 26, 2011
Length N/A
Website Bronies For Good
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "One Cold Morning" Makkon 3:47
2. "Say it isn't Snow" thattechnique
3. "A Heart Warming Night" AJTheEngineer
4. "The Winter Wonder Carol" Bagpipe Brony 1:02
5. "I'll Be Coming Home" All Levels at Once
6. "Pinkie Pie's Fashion Show" DonnDeVore 4:00
7. "Let's Go" BlackElectric 3:01
8. "Finding The Light" Exploding Heart Technique
9. "Family Ways" And The Rainfall 2:46
10. "In the name of Kindness" Nosnibormada
11. "Octavia's Smile" Dark Symphony 4:03
12. "Forgotten Symphony" Aspect of The Storm
13. "A Memoir of Silence" Navy Brony 3:10
14. "First Bird of Spring" DrDissonance 3:44
15. "Busy Day" Jeffthestriders 4:00
16. "Megumi no Uta (Song of Blessings)" MIU
17. "ForChorda" randomblockfilms
18. "No Words" Replacer 3:37
19. "Rebuilding Our City" sdogginsworth
20. "Snortle at the Jazzy" Psychedelic Brony
21. "Sorceress Girl" SoGreatAndPowerful 4:13
22. "Memory Lane" Osoth 3:49
23. "Mysteriously Mysterious Bonus Track" Circuitfry and Pinkie Cake

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