Other names SkelePony
Skeleton Horse
Known as Musician
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SkelePone is a lesser-known electronic musician.

He does not interact directly with the fanbase, nor does he actively participate. All of his music, however, is portrayed as MLP-related songs and occasionally contain voice clips from the show in his music.

He has released six EPs and a single LP.


SkelePone was a name that originally belonged to a Swedish comedian and writer whose first name is only known as 'Felix'. When Felix was diagnosed with lung cancer, he named his American friend Lief Mason as the next SkelePone, also giving Lief his FIMFiction, his YouTube channel (now defunct), and his personal laptop. The FIMFiction was shortly banned after Lief logged in and announced Felix's premature death. Lief then made a second account under the name 'skeiepone' and now operates through that page.

Lief initially tried his hand at writing, but found that even if he was a featured author (thanks to the story FOREVERFREE, now 'Roots'), he still had very little interest in writing. He made a SoundCloud and began a new career as an electronic musician.


SkelePone's songs vary greatly, although many have distinctive house sounds. For instance, he has touch on: Moombahcore, Witch House, Electro House, Electro Swing, Glitch, Big Room, Progressive, Trap, and Nu-disco. He tends to produce songs based off popular episodes and fan fictions.

He has a tendency to use old techniques and more often than not he will include acoustics, although it is unknown whether or not he can play the guitar. He frequently uses vocaloid software (more specifically, Miku Hatsune).

Another note is that every EP he has released so far has a name restricted to six letters.

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