Simplicty is Key is a compilation album organized by Camsy by members of mylittleremix. Its intention was to create a song that was simplistic in nature but still engaging for the audience.

Track listing

Simplicity is Key
A0278794947 10
Compilation album
Released November 17, 2012
Length 49:55
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Simple, Practical" Carbon Dust 3:32
2. "This Nightmare Moon" Aoshi 2:11
3. "A Foreign Movie" Bass Rabbit 3:10
4. "As the Night Falls" Smokescape 5:44
5. "Just Add Balloons" Camsy 2:05
6. "Home is Where the Heart is" Restrained Madness 4:25
7. "Cloudsdale" Mondogreen 2:27
8. "Alone at the Lighthouse" Hangin' From A Cloud 3:31
9. "Canterlot Caverns" SticktheFigure 1:29
10. "The Bizarre Show" Macarou 4:35
11. "Against All Odds" Pony Rampage 4:02
12. "Fedora" Nikki-Layne 3:18
13. "Vinyl's Amen Break" Bass Rabbit 2:32
14. "Apple Swing" FLAOFEI 2:43
15. "Ponylosophy" Doctor Wurzel 2:55
16. "Fallen Equestria" Metapony 3:56
Total length: 49:55

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