Other names Frenssu
Peggy Suave
Active since July 18, 2011
Known as Musician
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Sim Gretina (previously stylized as SimGretina) is a Finnish musician who creates pony and non-pony related works. He makes music of different genres and styles but has progressive house as his music of choice.

He released his first pony related music under the alias Annodam on FurAffinity in July 2011. He produces non-pony club music under the names Frenssu (French house), Kyandi and Peggy Suave (electro swing). He was in fourth place in the Top Brony Musicians of 2013 list.[1]

As of May 2016, he has drifted away from producing pony-related music.


Sim Gretina feat. EileMonty - Again
Creator(s) SimGretina
Composition SimGretina
Lyrics EileMonty
Vocals EileMonty
Published June 13, 2013
Duration 4:32
Type/genre Pop

Again is a collaboration between Sim Gretina and EileMonty. While composed by Sim Gretina, the lyrics and vocals were provided by EileMonty. EileMonty designs the characters for the video while visuals are provided by Galaxyart.

The song focuses on an earth pony mare named Love Locket who falls for a pegasus named Thunder Cloud.

Again was also spotlighted on Equestria Daily.[2]

The song was number 41 in the Top 100 Brony Track Countdown 2013 List and number 26 on Celestia Radio's Top 50 Songs of 2013. It earned 11 points in FiM Music's 200 top tracks of 2013 list.[3] Numerous remixes have been made with the most popular being one by JoinedTheHerd.

Other compositions

Original music and medleys

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-03-13 Everypony's gay for Braeburn 3:00 House
2012-06-24 Twilight Sparkle feat. Dusk Shine - Magic 4:36 House
2012-06-25 Rarity feat. Elusive - Generosity 4:32 House
2012-07-20 Sim Gretina - Trixie's Trix 5:14 House
2012-08-04 Pinkie Pie feat. Bubble Berry - Laughter 4:28 House
2012-12-29 Sim Gretina - So Shy 3:57 Dance
2013-10-31 Love Is The Answer (feat. Kathy-chan☆) 4:06 Collab w/ Kathy-chan


Published Title Length Original artist Notes
2012-03-19 Luna & Twilight -
Princess of the night (Stupid Remix)
3:07 SherclopPones
2012-03-23 At The Gala
(20% Cooler Remix)
5:42 Daniel Ingram Most viewed pony-related video
2012-04-26 Twilight - BBBFF
(Sim Gretina Remix)
4:08 Daniel Ingram
2012-07-24 Colgate Brushie Song
(Inspector Brushie Remix)
3:23 Rina-chan
2012-12-25 Raise This Barn
(Sim Gretina Remix)
3:13 Daniel Ingram
2013-02-17 A True True Friend
(Sim Gretina Remix)
3:26 Daniel Ingram
2014-01-16 Apples To The Core
(Sim Gretina Remix)
2:48 Daniel Ingram


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