Silly Filly Studios
Known as Animation team
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Silly Filly Studios is a team of animators, artists, actors and musicians that produces animations. The group has produced six major works as of May 24, 2014.


  • Zedrin - Animator, Director, Founder, Voice actor
  • JaxStern - Vector artist, Founder
  • Hannah Trusty - Voice actress
  • MEMJ - Voice actress
  • Meredith Sims - Voice actress, Writer
  • TehJadeh - Animator, Vector artist
  • Taylor Rose - Voice actress
  • Rev897 - Voice actor, Composer
  • Stakku - Voice actor
  • HC - Animator
  • ProjectSNT - Voice actress
  • PonyVisation - Composer
  • PKEmi - Voice actress
  • Swivel- Vector Artist
  • Shadeoses- Background Artist
  • RawGreen- Effects Animator
  • Yun- Animator
  • Trav-SoundRes- Animator

Produced works

Published Title Length Notes
2012-06-07 Luna's Cutie Mark 1:49 Animated version of comic by Egophiliac
2012-09-23 Twilight the Unicorn 4:23 Ponified parody of Charlie the Unicorn
2012-10-22 Daylight's End 2:30 PMV based on song from League of Legends
2013-03-21 Snowdrop 14:21
2013-06-14 The Adventures of Donut Steel 3:14
2014-05-24 Fall of the Crystal Empire 10:15 Originally titled Fall of the Empire

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