Shmexy Hat
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Shmexy also has no regard for your opinion of his face.
Other names Teh Shmexy Writer, Shmexy, Mouse
Known as Writer

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Shmexy Hat, sometimes referred to as just Shmexy, is a writer and artist. He also does Let's Plays on his YouTube channel. He was planning to make a horror game based around the Rainbow Factory fan fiction by Aurora Dawn, but no updates have been released on the game.


Shmexy's style of writing tends to lead towards two extremes: stories with no regard for the fourth wall, or very serious stories. Despite some of his stories containing very mature themes, he does not include any swearing.

For his art, Shmexy aims for a more traditional approach, drawing and coloring all by hand. The very reason for this approach is more in the accuracy and the precision. Though, some artistic works (as shown below) aren't very detailed in such, most non-fanart works are produced with extreme detail.


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