Second Chances was a compilation event organized by the Brony Musician Directory for overlooked music. These tracks that were rejected by EQD but thought to still have value. Many people submitted their tracks made between July to mid-August 2012, there then was a vote which were the best of those batches. These were the favorites as voted by the listeners and eventually put onto a free Bandcamp album. The idea of it as an ongoing event was scrapped as Equestria Daily finally adopted a more lax policy allowing the "Music of the Day" feature and began including a lot more music from the community, meeting the same goal Second Chances opted to achieve.

Track listing

Second Chances
Second Chances Vol 1
Compilation album
Released October 1, 2012 (2012-06-27)
Length 76:62
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Constellations" (Admiral Yoshi remix) Aviators + Admiral Yoshi 7:41
2. "Exploring for Answers (ft. John de Lancie)" Matthew N. & Freewave 7:57
3. "The Night" Error 404 4:03
4. "The Clock Is Ticking Wave Streaker 6:02
5. "The Element of Magic" Emkay 4:01
6. "Scootaloo's Flight Dream" Magnitude Zero 2:57
7. "Between The Sky And The Stars" Likonan 7:59
8. "A Change in Friendship" Zephyr Pony 3:08
9. "In the Realm of Liars " Kyoga 4:30
10. "FOE-A Shared History" Warbalist 4:24
11. "March of Tides" Belgerum 2:48
12. "Call of the Crusaders " X-Trav 5:15
13. "Fluttershy's Dream" Waves of Paradox 1:11
14. "Pon-3" Metapony 5:52
15. "Do You Wish to Duel, Discord? If So, Fight! " Decibelle 5:53
16. "Constellations (LoreRD Remix)" Aviators & LoreRD 6:01
Total length: 76:62

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