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SandJosieph is the pseudonym of a brony musician. His songs and instrumental compositions are often inspired by other pieces of fan labor. His most notable work is Daddy Discord, an unfinished musical.

Welcome to Gloomy Town

Story of the Ensembles:
Welcome to Gloomy Town
Creator(s) SandJosieph
Published November 25, 2011
Duration 3:55

The song is both inspired by and a parody of Story of the Blanks, a fan game featuring "Sunny Town", a village full of blank flanks. "Gloomy Town" is the opposite, a town full of ponies with many cutie marks each. The refrain, which remains the same throughout the song and also closes it, explains that the town lies in the Everfree Forest and what makes it special. In the first stanza, the primary speaker welcomes the listener to the town. Subsequent verses get more and more threatening, before the speaker reveals that the town's inhabitants are all immortal and - in a paraphrase from the game - will likely force the listener to stay.

There have been numerous covers of the song. SandJosieph released a cover version by SiminaCindy on his own channel on February 17, 2012, and YouTube user DiscordedFluttershy created a mashup of both versions.

Daddy Discord

Daddy Discord, according to the video descriptions on YouTube, is an in-progress musical composed by SandJosieph. It centers on Screwball and her relationship with Discord. Set after the events of The Return of Harmony Part 2, Screwball visits her father's statue in Canterlot and sets him free. As of March 2012, two musical pieces have been released. Future songs are intended to include singing parts for Trixie, Derpy Hooves, Twilight Sparkle and DJ Pon3, among others, according to an April 18 call for auditions.

Screwball's Music Box

Screwball's Music Box
Creator(s) SandJosieph
Published December 12, 2011
Duration 2:27
"Screwball's Music Box" is an instrumental piece in the style of a music box, supposed to be played at the beginning of the musical while she wanders the Royal Canterlot Garden. Melodically, it's a waltz.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter
Creator(s) SandJosieph (music and lyrics)
Lanovran (voice of Discord)
SiminaCindy (voice of Screwball)
Published March 11, 2012
Duration 4:56

"Like Father, Like Daughter" (an informal title taken from the graphic in the YouTube video) takes the form of a duet between Screwball, reminiscing about her father in the presence of his statue, and Discord himself, who initially sings back without her hearing him. Her song, however, gives him the strength to escape his prison. The melody was partly inspired by the overture to The Phantom of the Opera.

"Like Father, Like Daughter" has received an animated video adaptation by MadameLeFlour, which was featured on Equestria Daily and gave the song a lot of additional exposure. It has since received numerous covers and even fanfics inspired by the song, though not based on SandJosieph's planned plot. A number of derivative works are linked to from the song's YouTube page.

Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville

See Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville

Selection of other musical pieces

2011-05-12 Cupcakes Soundscapes 6:01 Soundscape inspired by Cupcakes
2012-01-01 Carnival Cat "Befriends" Ponyville 5:04 Instrumental Remix of various melodies, both pony and non-pony
2012-02-13 Pirate Dash 5:23 Electronic shanty inspired by an Ask blog