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Other names Stephen Carver
Active since Sept 18, 2007
Known as Youtuber
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Saberspark (or simply Saber) is regarded as a fandom commentator on Youtube and Everfree Network. He is known for his involvement in documentaries in the brony community, mainly “Ballad of the Brony” created for a college project, and a Kickstarter funded series later titled, “The Brony Chronicles”. Much of his works, including EFN’s weekly broadcast are associated with his co-host and friend, Paleosteno.

He has also worked on the “My Two Bits” series and assisted the “Top 10 Pony Videos” during the time of TheMovieBrony’s absence.


Saberspark’s association with the brony community became more relevant at the creation of his original documentary, “Ballad of the Brony”, which at the time, was merely a college project. As the only detailed documentary of such at its time, it was popularized, blogged on pony-related media outlets such as Equestria Daily, and given much positive reception despite the lack of attention in chronological sequencing of the fandom as opposed to his recent works.

Brony Breakdown is an ongoing show streamed live and organized by Everfree Network, hosted by Saberspark and co-hosted by his good friend PaleoSteno. While it began as an independently streamed series on Livestream that would later be uploaded to Youtube following the end of every show, the series was picked up by Final Draft of Everfree Network, where the show is aired currently. On every show, Saber and Paleo comment on the latest fan content and discuss the latest of pony-related news. They will often interview some of the more “fandom-famous” people on the show such as Solrac or Dustykatt.

As of Summer 2013, Brony Chronicles is his latest work. While it hasn’t attracted as much popularity as “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony”, it is notorious for its presentation as a full transparent view of the fandom and shows awareness of the show’s roots and explains the roots of the fandom.

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