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Roger334 is an artist and writer who joined the fandom around July 2013. He is known for using MS Paint as his main drawing software tool. Most of his work depicts Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, alongside other recurring characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadance and Queen Chrysalis.

Based on what he has done over the years, his style could be categorized as "friendly" to all kind of people. He usually writes his contents in English, but there've been a few exceptions when he had used Spanish, French and even Japanese.

His main gallery, installed on Deviantart, continues to be the site where most of his contents are shared. Nonetheless, there are a few drawings that were exclusively shared on his other accounts.

The Longest Night

The Longest Night
The Longest Night (Poster 1) by Roger334

Original 2013 poster

Writer(s) Roger334
Date published 2016
Status Not Available
Featuring Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Starting 1000 years ago right after the events of The Crystal Empire, Princess Celestia must face the hardest enemy of all times, her own sister, Princess Luna, who now is named Nightmare Moon. This is the story of the night that lasted for longer, the story of The Longest Night.

Other works

Good Heart

This is the author's first fan fiction to be published. Three months after its debut on DeviantArt, the complete story was shared on FIMFiction. Starting with Celestia never being a princess and King Sombra winning the Crystal Heart, the story narrates the adventures of Twilight Sparkle in her quest for answers. Some drawings were drawn by the author to promote the story.

The Stuntmare

This story was the author's second fan fiction to be published. Until summer of 2016, it continues being the only story of him published in a comic format. The story was featured in Equestria Daily on December 18, 2015.[1] Fleur Dis Lee is the main protagonist of the story, alongside other recurring characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Coco Pommel. The comic also included the author's personal OC Zoom Oaksley, as well as his friend's OC Charred Timber. The story was shared in both English and French languages.

Dark Rose

This story was the author's third fan fiction to be published. Besides Canterlot, the story took place in additional places created by the author. Endcliff is the most notable example of these additional places that were conceived to develop the story's main plot. Until summer of 2016, the story was only available on the author's FIMFiction account.

Super Celestia Sunshine

First shown as a vector on July 17, 2014, Super Celestia Sunshine is a 2017 Japanese comic based on the video game Super Mario Sunshine. After landing at the airport of Isle Delfino, Princess Celestia is arrested by the local police. In court, Celestia is found guilty because a culprit described by eyewitnesses, unfortunately, matches with the princess' physical appearance. Celestia is ordered to clean up the entire island, and until then, she is not allowed to leave. The Ruler of Equestria, aided by a water pump named F.L.U.D.D., now must clear her name and save the islanders from pollution. The International Version of the comic was featured on Equestria Daily on July 8, 2017.[2]


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