Road to Everfree is a compilation album served as a means to generate funds to get performing musicians out to the Everfree Northwest 2013 convention. Each contributed song was created by a performing musician at the convention. All profits went towards aiding musicians with their flight accommodations. Everfree Northwest officially supported and promoted this album compilation.

Track listing

Road to Everfree
Road to Everfree
Compilation album
Released June 16, 2013
Length 41:86
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Bad Cupcakes" [voodoopony] 1:37
2. "Like an Animal (ft. Mic the Microphone)" ArtAttack 3:28
3. "Time Never Flies" Cyril The Wolf + Metajoker 4:06
4. "Godhead" F3nning 4:12
5. "Autumn (ThatSonofaMitch Remix feat. MictheMicrophone)" Griffin Village 5:29
6. "Corruption of Loyalty" FraGmenTd 5:26
7. "Within A Dark Forest (There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of, Little One)" HeyLasFas 6:06
8. "The Night's Alive" Metajoker + FraGmenTd 3:57
9. "Poison Pluxxx" Silva Hound 3:45
10. "Runner" derpidety-Kind Tide 5:40
Total length: 41:86

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