Other names Erica Mendez
Known as Voice actress
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Erica Mendez, also known as Rikatwoo, is a professional American voice actress who works primarily with anime and video games. Within the brony fandom, she generally provides the voice of Rainbow Dash.

Outside of My Little Pony fan works, she has recently been cast as Ryuko Matoi in the English dub of Kill la Kill.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator
2011-09-23 Starscream VS Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash ScrewAttack
Epic Pony Time (1-3) Rainbow Dash 47times
2012-05-07 Watchmen Re-enacted by Ponies Nite Owl Jacob Kitts
2013-03-30 Double Rainboom (Animatics only) Rainbow Dash Zachary Rich

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